Studying and paying attention in class are important to get a good grade in your GCSE English exams, but this is not always enough to get an A+. Here are some tips that will get you the highest grade -teacher’s words 😉 – 
Read as many texts and types of texts as possible: fill your mind with words and knowledge about different topics. You never know which topics will appear in the exam, be prepared for any and enjoy the process of enriching your mind and expanding your horizons.

Create a guide for each question of the exam: understanding what is being asked for you is crucial to provide a great response. Your question guide should explain in your own words what you are being asked and provide a few exemplar answers, make sure that your guide is trusted and helpful for you and consult it before your exam.

Make use of the ‘tools’ you have when writing: the content of your response is important, but making use of all the tools language has is key to get the most marks. Play with complex and sophisticated words, punctuation, sentence structure or paragraph division to take your writing from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

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