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Are you a passionate artist looking for an extraordinary path to develop your talent and creativity? If so, you’re in the right place. Our platform combines the best of two worlds: the prestigious International Baccalaureate and the renowned A-Level, providing you with a world-class art education.

Discover Florence: A yearly journey into artistic inspiration

In our art curriculum, we not only offer you an exceptional education, but also the opportunity to experience the cultural richness of different destinations each year. Our unique approach will take you on an unforgettable journey to the birthplace of art, Florence, and to other iconic places that have been the cradle of different artistic movements throughout history.

Each year, we will embark on an exciting journey to a new and fascinating site. Our goal is to provide you with a broad perspective of different artistic movements and styles, broadening your creative horizons and fostering your own artistic identity. From impressionism in Paris to contemporary art in Berlin, we will explore the times and places that have shaped artistic expression around the world.

Our artists decide the next trip!

Paris New York Florence Berlin Barcelona Rio de Janeiro London Amsterdam Venice Prague

Your Final Exhibition: A platform to shine

The Final Exhibition is the highlight of our program. Here, we give it a special focus, as we believe in the power of your creativity and the impact you can make in the art world. You will have the opportunity to proudly present your work and connect with visitors and art critics who will appreciate and admire your talent.

Our exhibition is not only an art show, but also a platform to boost your artistic career. You will be supported by industry experts who will guide you in highlighting your strengths and projecting your unique artistic voice.

Empowering change through philanthropy

We believe in the power of art to positively impact the world. That's why we offer the option to donate a portion of the proceeds from your sale at the Final Exhibition to charitable foundations that support causes you care about. If you have a future art project in mind, you can also invest your proceeds in it to further develop your passion and make a difference.

Access to the best art universities in the world

At our art curriculum, we believe in the transformative power of higher education in the arts. That's why we give you the opportunity to gain access to some of the best art universities in the world. These renowned institutions, with their cutting-edge programs and highly experienced faculty, will offer you an inspiring environment to hone your talent and further develop your creativity.

Our focus on global access allows you to choose from a wide range of options to study in the country of your choice. From the bohemian streets of Paris to the bustling art districts of New York, or even historic and rich Florence, you can immerse yourself in diverse cultures and artistic perspectives while forging your own path to excellence.

Our most renowned artists

Arina Kozulina

Arina Kozulina is a Russian artist who captivates with her distinctive style and innovative approach. Her work reflects a unique blend of traditional techniques and contemporary concepts, creating visually stunning and meaningful pieces. Inspired by nature, Arina seeks to convey emotions and awareness of the beauty and fragility of the world. With a vibrant color palette and dynamic compositions, her paintings capture the energy and vitality of life. Her presence at THP International School's exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore up close the fascinating work of this talented artist and be carried away by her extraordinary artistic vision.

Ana chaparro

Ana Chaparro is passionate and promising, she is making her mark at THP International School. With tireless dedication and boundless creativity, Ana has demonstrated exceptional talent in her artwork. Her creations reflect a combination of technique and personal expression, capturing the essence of her subjects with a fresh and original perspective. Through her artistic exploration, Ana shows a remarkable mastery of different media and an innate ability to convey emotions through her works. Her participation in this exhibition is a testament to her growth and development as an artist on the rise, and we are excited to witness her talent in full bloom.

Jimena Brar

Jimena Brar, an art student with a restless spirit and bold artistic vision, is featured in the THP International School exhibition. With boundless creativity and fiery passion, Jimena approaches art with a fresh and unique perspective. Her works are characterized by her experimentalism and her ability to break established boundaries, challenging artistic conventions and exploring new forms of expression. With a combination of diverse techniques and media, Jimena creates surprising pieces that invite reflection and awaken the imagination. Her participation in this exhibition is a testament to her courage and her constant search for originality in the art world.

Maria Castellano

Maria Castellano, an art student who defies convention and redefines creative boundaries, is featured in THP International School's exhibition. With a restless mind and a burning passion for experimentation, Maria immerses herself in a world of colors, shapes and textures that defy established norms. Her works brim with originality and boldness, fusing traditional techniques with avant-garde approaches to create art that awakens the senses and provokes deep reflection. With her unique artistic vision and her courage to explore the unknown, Maria is establishing herself as an innovative creator in today's art scene. Her participation in this exhibition is an invitation to discover a new visual language and to immerse yourself in the world of Maria Castellano's boundless imagination.

Natalia Tselousova

Natalia Tselousova, a talented emerging artist from THP International School, has captivated the community with her creativity and passion for the arts.Her art is a captivating blend of contrasts and dualities, reflecting her deep exploration of the human psyche and interaction with the environment. Through her mastery of painting and collage, Natalia creates striking compositions that defy expectations and reveal hidden layers of meaning. Her works are imbued with a unique sensibility, evoking intense emotions and provoking reflection on the human condition. Natalia's participation in THP International School's upcoming art competition promises to take viewers on a fascinating and captivating journey through her extraordinary artistic vision.

Noelia Martínez

Delving into the world of art at THP International School, we meet the talented and enigmatic Noelia Martinez. Her art is a reflection of her restless soul and her passion for exploring the depths of creativity. With a unique combination of traditional techniques and contemporary concepts, Noelia manages to captivate the audience with her works full of originality and emotion. Through vibrant colors and intricate compositions, her art transports us to an imaginative universe where reality merges with fantasy. Noelia's participation in THP International School's upcoming art competitions promises to surprise and delight viewers, inviting them to immerse themselves in her creative world and experience the magic that emanates from her works.

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