we support academic and sports talent

Do you belong to a club and are you worried that your members won’t have the possibility to complement their studies with their dreams?

At THP International we don’t have that problem. We can create a tailor-made project for each and every athlete in your club. We are an institution that since 1997 has focused on giving the best students in the country the possibility to study and still be able to combine their studies with their sporting activities.


For many athletes, training camps prevent them from attending classes normally.

For us it is not a problem

Our students are taught by their teachers online at a time that suits them best.
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School schedules are often incompatible with training.

You are in luck

We adjust our timetables to all our students, and we also provide each student with a tutor.
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One teacher per pupil?

Days have 24 hours, which is not enough for an elite athlete, that's why we opt for high performance.


With one teacher per student per subject we make sure that all our students achieve their goals.
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And the university?

The process of getting into university is a complex thing to go through while you have so much work to do.

We take care of it

Since 1997 we have been taking our students to the best universities!
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Why study with us?

We are International

Our systems allow for the adaptation of any of our students, at THP International we live in harmony with all kinds of cultures.

Years Of Experience

Since 1997 we have been working with the best students and athletes so that they not only succeed in their chosen fields but also achieve the career of their dreams.


We work with the most prestigious international systems in the world and those most in demand by universities.

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What are the advantages for students?

Choice of subjects

With us you can choose subjects that really excite you and accompany your dreams.

Continued Observation

Our students have one teacher per subject and an educational coordinator who monitors their performance.

University Counselling

Our students are guided by our coordinators throughout their application to the university.

Rapid Adaptability

What we stand out the most is our decision-making capacity. We adapt to the needs of our students.

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