The 'THP Entrepreneurship' project

The ‘THP Entrepreneurs’ project is THP International’s most recent pedagogical project for students to create their own ‘fictional’ -or not 😉 – company from scratch.

What does this project consist of? Students are together in one big group and they have to develop their company from scratch, organizing themselves in the different departments a normal company has. This project is a phenomenal learning opportunity for many reasons:


Students have to assemble a number of potentially lucrative ideas and then make a sensible choice of which idea to exploit, based on a process of negotiation and productive debate.

Students have to organize themselves in departments, said division is to be democratic, based on their strengths, interests and goals. This motivates self-evaluation of their weaknesses and strengths, acknowledgement of their peers’ abilities, the capacity to negotiate, and the practice of decision-making. For example, psychology students could be part of the Human Resources department while humanities students could form the Marketing and communication departments. 

Once their departments have been created and organized, students need to carry out the necessary activities to start a business: finding funding, fixing objectives, establishing a marketing strategy, evaluating the team’s performance,…

Throughout the process, students -now entrepreneurs- will likely find different difficulties; but with the constant help of their teachers, they will learn to overcome said difficulties and the necessity to be resilient and never lose sight of their goals. 

This project is a perfect example of the values we all share at THP International school: we are a family, we know how to evolve from our mistakes and how to always be respectful and caring with each other; we are all students, we are constantly learning new things; we create second opportunities, we know the importance to keep going after we have made a mistake; we prepare students to solve future challenges, we realize the necessity of motivating entrepreneurship and creativity; and we develop learning in different educational environments, we believe in the necessity of taking education beyond the classroom to prepare students for the ‘real’ world. 


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