How to get an A+ in AL Spanish:

When you are learning a new language, we all know that the key is to put it in practice as much as possible, but here are some tricks to ace your AL Spanish exam beyond the obvious need of using the language as much as possible:

📝Take notes during the listenings: some of the recordings you will hear are very long and the questions very specific, apart from understanding the listenings, you have to remember them, which can be tricky if you haven’t noted down the most relevant data.

😅Don’t be constantly afraid of making mistakes: in your speaking exam you have to show that you can communicate and have a fruitful conversation. While following grammar and ppronunciation rules is important, worrying too much about it may block you from expressing what you want. Remember that you don’t have to sound like a native speaker to show that you know and can use a language. 

 –🔁 Context is key: the readings that you will face in the Spanish exam are long and sometimes challenging, it is very likely that you won’t know all the words. Don’t panic: even in your mother language you are constantly faced with words you don’t know, but context is always enough to guess the meaning behind a ‘new’ word, make sure you remember this applies for any other language too.

 –📖 Know your chosen works: the writing part of the exam will be based on the two works you have previously studied in class, make sure that you have perfectly understood them while in class and that you are aware of their relevance and their connections with the historical context. 

🤹Remember that there’s not only one correct option for the translations: as with the speaking, the key for a good translation is to transmit meaning and successfully communicate a message; you may not always know the dictionary translation of a word, but you can always use a rephrasing or any term with a similar enough meaning.

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