How to get an A* in GCSE Math?

Studying, working hard and practising are the first steps to do well in an exam, but here you have some teacher-made tips to get the highest grade in GCSE Math now that the official exam is coming:

-👨‍🏫Master the basics: remember to always refresh your knowledge. The syllabus of GCSE Math is extensive and it is important that you master the basics early on. If there are any gaps in your knowledge, ask your teacher for help and address this problem early on.

-✍Review and revise: regularly review what you have learnt while practicing with the help of your textbook. Remember that Math is a problem solving subject, so get the most experience that you can.

-⏳Simulate exam conditions: try practicing exam questions with a timer to learn how to manage and your time in an exam.

-🧗Know yourself: identify your strong and weak points in math and keep them in mind when studying and practicing so you can achieve the best results.

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