How to get an A* in A-Level English Literature?

We all know that studying and working in class are the base steps to perform well in an exam, but here you have some teacher-made tips that can help you get the highest grade in your A-Level English Literature exams:

-📖 Know the texts you have picked like the back of your hand: reading for class is different than reading for pleasure. When you are reading for class, you have to re-read the works as many times as required for you to know exactly what, where, when, why, how and to whom something happens.

-✍Make sure that you writing is formal and academic: the content of your essay is important, so is the form. You cannot write an exam essay as if you were writing an email to a friend, follow the rules of academic English and practice writing formal essays as much as necessary -consult the exemplar essays with high grades that exam boards facilitate 😉.

-💡 Your ideas have to be properly organized: examiners don’t like essays that are difficult to read, if your ideas are not clear and properly developed, examiners won’t value them. Following the P-E-E structure in each of your paragraphs is always a guarantee of success.

-👨‍💻 Consult as much bibliography and extra material as possible: the more theories and explanations you have consulted about a literary work, the more ideas and thoughts you will have and the more wholly you will understand a work and its contexts.

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