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At THP International School, we offer you the freedom to choose your own educational system, subjects, timetables, location and study methodology. You will also receive close, personal attention from each of our team of experts.

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You can Choose the subjects you are passionate about

At THP International, we believe that choosing the right subjects is fundamental to academic and professional success. That is why we strive to help our students find the subjects that most motivate them and in which they are most skilled.

Choose your Education System

The choice between the British System or the British Baccalaureate can depend on a number of factors, such as personal preferences, academic goals and career prospects.

Choose Your Educational Methodology

Some people may prefer a more traditional approach, based on lectures and exams, while others may prefer a more practical approach, based on projects and teamwork. We help you choose the one that best suits you depending on the subject and time of year.

Choose Your Schedule

The ability to choose your timetable at school can be a great advantage for many students. By having the option to select the class hours that best suit your needs and preferences, you can create a more personalised timetable that allows you to optimise your time and make the most of your learning opportunities.

Choose where you want to study

The ability to choose where to study, whether at home, at our centres or online, is a great advantage for students seeking greater flexibility and convenience in their education. The choice between these options may depend on your personal preferences, your academic goals and your personal circumstances.

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Meet with us and we will make a tailor-made plan for you.

Your education, your choice

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In every school they will tell you that they are a family, here you will feel it. We are people from all over the world and together we form an incredible community. In the years that we’ve been here we haven’t had any problems among our students.

THP sees extracurricular activities as something that can provide a sense of community, allow students to explore their passions and interests and help them develop new skills and talents.

  • Art history club
  • Book Club
  • Film Club
  • THP News
  • Co-ed sports
  • School trips
  • Summer programmes


Our personalised methodology examines the student’s results and makes us make decisions based on this. Depending on the student and the subject a unique methodology will be given. In addition to a teacher for each subject, our students have an educational psychologist, a university consultant and even a school administrator.

We have a 100% pass rate and a 95% acceptance rate in their first choice of university, but we prefer not to brag about it. For us, the most important thing is to prepare our students for a competitive and global working world. Our students leave school with an international mindset for the university of their dreams.

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