'High-performance' classes at THP

Among the many innovative and helpful educational tools and techniques employed at THP International, there is the ‘High-performance’ class methodology. But, what exactly is a ‘High-performance’ class? A ‘High-performance’ class consists of a guided and structured study time to track and boost the performance of the students. Each day, the HP session will be dedicated to one of the student’s subjects -the choice of subject will be based on the student’s progress and the observation of their ‘weak’ points that should be improved. The structure of this classes is as follows:

-30 minutes of study time: during the first 30 minutes of the class, the student will revise the topics indicated by the teacher, whose decision is based on the student’s performance and the conclusions drawn after a precise evaluation of the student’s needs.

-30 minutes of exercises with study materials: after the study period, the student will work on various exercises provided by the teacher and based on the content from the study part. For these exercises, the student can use any material at their disposal. This way, the teacher can evaluate if the issues that may arise come from a lack of study or of understanding and act accordingly.

-45 minutes of exam-like exercises: in this last part of the HP session, the student will work on a series of exam exercises without being able to look at any material, thus reproducing an exam context. In doing this, the student practices for the exams, learns how to manage a limited amount of time and identifies exactly where problems come from -if they come at all.

‘High-performance’ classes are an amazing tool for students to do their best as they enable them and their teachers to identify and solve weaknesses and boost strong points.

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