The importance of Financial Literacy for teenagers

Nowadays, teenagers seem to be quite interested in ‘making money’, probably due to the ongoing narrative on the internet that equates money with personal success and happiness. However, most teenagers lack a basic financial literacy that could actually help them make the most of their money and manage their finances proficiently when reaching adulthood. 

By the time these teenagers become adults and face the job market and the finance world, they have no basic financial education. With the exception of the ones who have studied degrees like Business Administration or Law, those who have studied science or literature -for example- start their jobs and adult lives with no idea of how to interpret a paycheck or how a mortgage works.

What is worse, a lot of these ‘new adults’ don’t value the worth of money and therefore don’t know how to make the most of it and be able to monetise their knowledge, aptitudes or ideas. 

At THP, we believe that financial literacy is a must for teenagers, who are the future of society, to be successful and enjoy stability and abundance in their adult lives.

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